CrossFit Red Light District


The biggest lesson I’ve learned since finding CrossFit? Being skinny and weak is not sexy, desirable or healthy. Having muscles and being able to perform is. We have a great group of ladies at CrossFit Zone that don’t mind lifting weight over their heads, squatting, or building muscles while losing body fat. They’re getting their bodies in top physical condition, and gaining strength and confidence to boot. Plus, they’re in great company with many other CrossFit ladies all over the world!

Don’t believe me? Just ask Cindy, Fran, Helen, Grace, Angie, Diane and Linda!

Behold: The Beautiful Ladies of the CrossFit Red Light District!
Behold: The Beautiful Ladies of the CrossFit Red Light District!

(If that image is too small for you, click HERE to see a bigger, more readable version of this photo…)

Now THOSE are some ladies to look up to.  Men, watch out! 😉

Today’s Workout:

Buy-in – Funky Movement:  Coach – led

WOD – Double Trouble

For combined total:

Deadlift – 3 x 12, build up to around a 12 rep max

Floor Press – 4 x 6, build up to around a 6rm

2min wallballs for max reps

2min double unders for max reps

Add your best weights, wallball total, and total double unders together for your score!

Cash-out – Individual stretch


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