CrossFit Sectionals Meeting – Notes

Thanks to everyone who made it out last Sunday for the CrossFit Sectionals meeting.  In case you were unable to attend, here are a few notes on what was discussed.   And a special thanks to Brigit for taking these awesome notes!

CrossFit Games Event Details:

  • 6 events
  • Starts March 15, 2011
  • 1 event posted weekly on Tuesday, 5pm PST
  • Event open until Sunday, 5pm PST

MUST REGISTER ONLINE to compete, starting Tuesday, March 8th. $10 one-time reg fee

  • You can do workout as many times as you want in the week
  • Enter scores online
  • You can see where you rank for our region & across the world
  • 60 top women, men and 30 top teams obtain place @ Canada West regionals
  • Regionals are May 27th -location TBA
  • 3 top male & females from Canada West have a place at the CrossFit Games 2011

Team Info:

  • Top 3 scores from each event contribute to our team ranking
  • There can be different athletes for each event and anyone who is registered with our affiliate
  • We benefit from having as many athletes competing in events as we can, as if excel at 1 event, this score can help our team
  • For a team member’s workout to count toward the team’s total, they must still be “in the running” as an individual. This means that they have completed all previous Open workouts as prescribed.

CFZ specific info:

  • Affiliate team members will be chosen based on placing from the 6 week sectional events
  • Scheduling: Here is the basic schedule that Cam suggest that competitors follow. The weekly programming will allow for the competitors to follow.

Monday: basic strength (eg. clean & jerk) & lighter metcon (eg. rowing)

Tuesday: rest day but WOD will be posted (which you may choose to do or not)

Wednesday: WOD will be that weeks event workout, group will be doing judged WOD between 6:30-8:30, if available * If you are unavailable, please contact Deanna to make sure you have a judge available for your WOD attempt

Thursday: lighter day

Friday: Programmed day

Saturday: Another attempt at judged event in the early afternoon

* This is tentative, there may be different WODs for competitors and non-competitors posted (undetermined now) *


  • Must not be judged by anyone competing in your division
  • ie. girls can judge guys, guys can judge girls, non-competitors can judge
  • No waffling
  • All REPs must be judged as good or not
  • Must be tough and fair on reps as it benefits the athlete
  • ALL judges must view the movement standards videos prior to judging an event

Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  Back Squat 6 x 1 – build up quickly to a heavy single rep, very short timeline – 10 min.  Work technique if this lift is new to you.

WOD:  “Can’t skip the Wallballs”

This wod comes to us from way back in August 2009 and was an instant classic heartbreaker.  This time around, you can partner up if the class is busy or take it on by yourself if you want an extra challenge and there are enough wallballs to go around.

Here’s the deal:

Rx – 6 rounds for time of:

  • 20 wallballs (14/20)
  • 30 double unders

Zone 4 – 4 rounds OR 6 rounds of 15 wallballs 15 double unders

Zone 3 – scale wallballs to 10/14, choice of 4 or 6 rounds

Zone 2 – 3 or 4 rounds, sub single skips (120) for double unders

Zone 1 – scale as needed  

** To do the wod in partners, one person will work wallballs while the other does double unders (or single skips).  When both of you are done, you switch over.  Be sure to match up with someone doing the same scaling as you.**

Cash-Out:  Easy 800m jog as a group


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