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CrossFit Victoria BC - CrossFit Winter Games Competitors
The Zone Competitors! Minus Lani...

It’s official!  CrossFit Zone ROCKED the CrossFit Winter Games this Saturday.  Many of you came down to show your support and witness the battle first hand.  But for those of you who couldn’t make it out, here’s a recap of the Zone athletes awe-inspiring day.

The heats for the 1st WOD got underway at 10:00 a.m.  First up to compete in the Intermediate category were: Deanna “Angry Kitten” Whiteley, Krista “KDF” Kitson, Mehul “M-Train” Gandhi, Lani “Daisy” Shields, and Sean “Spidey” Falconer.  The WOD was: 3 Rounds – 1 Power Snatch, 5 Overhead Squats, 5 Squat cleans, and 50 Double unders. Some struggled with the OHS, others with the double unders, but everyone kept a nice steady pace and finished well.  Angry Kitten’s wrist injury held up, and Daisy accomplished the Snatch she was nervous about.  KDF got nice and low in her squats, and M-Train was the double under king.  Cam “Turts” Birtwell was up next in the Advanced category, and he finished strong at the heavier prescribed weight that he’d never done before. Way to conquer those OHS, Cam!

The heats for the 2nd WOD began at 12:20 p.m., and our Intermediate athletes geared up to complete For Time: 1 Mile run, 25 Box Jumps, 25 Burpees, 25 Wall Balls, and 25 Ab Mat Situps.  Spidey came in first off the 1 mile run despite a slip in the mud going onto the track, and finished an extremely close 2nd place overall.  Angry Kitten was first in from the run for the girls in her heat, even after having to stop and double knot her shoe laces.  Angry Kitten, KDF, M-Train, and Daisy all moved steadily through the stations, and finished with competitive times.  Despite some discrepancies in judging and confusion about specific performance requirements, everyone was satisfied with their placing and was looking fresh and strong.  Turts attacked WOD two in the Advanced category, swapping out Ab Mat situps for the more difficult GHD variety and increasing the reps to 30.  The whole CrossFit Zone cheerleading gang was right there in front of him as he finished off his 30 situps, screaming encouragement at him and watching his pained facial expressions with fascination.  With round two finished, the athletes took a much needed rest, re-fueled, and went off to take advantage of some therapeutic massage.

At 3:00 p.m. the 3rd and final WOD heats got underway.  The Intermediate Female athletes were faced with: 12-9-6 Reps for Time – Deadlift, Pullups, and Pushups, and the Intermediate Male competitors tackled 12-9-6 Reps of Deadlift, Chest to Bar Pullups, and Ring Dips.  Angry Kitten was a deadlift champ, and fired off her reps nice and strong.  Daisy was large-and-in-charge of pullups and pushups, making it look like she barely even broke a sweat.  KDF rocked it out like a pro, despite her fears that her kip would desert her in the pullups.  Spidey moved fast as lightening, finishing 3rd, and M-Train did some He-Man style chest to bar pullups, landing his chest to the bar with a resounding thud every rep.  Next up, Turts tackled the Advanced WOD, which consisted of 12-9-6 Reps for Time – 275 lb Deadlift and Muscle Ups.  Despite many of his competitors timing out or quitting part way through due to the high degree of difficulty, Turts finished strong in 3rd place.

All our fabulous and dedicated athletes maintained a steady performance throughout the whole day, keeping their heads up and their attitudes positive.  Their dedication was clear, and each and every one of them set out to conquer their WODs with determination and vigour.  Best of all, their spirits were buoyed by the amazing turnout of their peers from the Zone, who cheered themselves hoarse shouting encouragement and praise all day long.  It was truly a team effort at the Games this year, and we couldn’t be prouder of everyone involved!

When you see these tired and sore athletes in the gym this week, be sure to congratulate them and give them a friendly pat on the back for a job well done.  Stay tuned for the official results postings, still to come…

Way to go, “Little-Gym -That-Could”!

This week we will be highlighting each competitor from the Zone in our blog. I hope you enjoy reading about everyone’s experience!!!!

Today’s Workout:

Buy InSumo deadlift high pull technique – 10 minutes. Focusing on keeping the chest up and using the legs and hips to drive the weight up right underneath the chin.  Check out the video on the high pull

WOD – “Sasquatch”

Elite: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3  reps of:

  • Sumo Deadlift High Pull 55/75lbs
  • Push press 55/75lbs

Zone 4: Scale weight to 45/65lbs

Zone 3: Scale weight to 35 /55lbs

Zone 2: Scale weigh to 25/45lbs

Zone 1: 21-15-9-3 reps; scale weight as needed

Cash Out4 x 5 cartwheels (switching the starting foot from right and left each set); 3 x 3 skin the cat. In the skin the cat, focus on keeping the arms straight and knees tight into the chest through the full movement unless you are strong enough to do a pike. If you can’t get inverted on the rings do knees to elbows focusing on driving the hips up as high as you can.

_ _ _ _

100 Day Burpee Challenge:

Burpees today:  7

Buy-in: 28


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