CrossFit Zone Christmas Bash!


Who’s excited for our CrossFit Zone CHRISTMAS PARTY?!  I know I sure am.

If you weren’t planning on coming, BIG MISTAKE.  You’re going to be missing out!  Without a doubt, we always have a lot of memorable times together as a Zone Family. For those of you who weren’t with us last year and have picked up tickets for this year’s event, you might not realize just how much fun this event is bound to be….

To help ramp up the anticipation, here are some of the highlights from last year’s Christmas Bash, held at the Bard and Banker Pub:

The “ManPanion” boys either heard a REALLY funny joke, or they’re extremely guilty about something…. I’ve never seen such big smiles on the faces of Teej, Spidey, Jer-Bear, Marco and M-Train!


One of Coach Turt’s worst kept secrets is his tendency to get emotional when talking about how much he loves CrossFit.  Good thing we love him just as much!


Wendy gets a high five from Coach Dee after receiving her “Gymnastics Goddess” award!

crossfit-zone-christmas-party-085Kyleness gets the award for his “Best use of  ‘The Force’ ” during WODs.  We swear this guy has special powers!

crossfit-zone-christmas-party-090Harrison gets the “Most Obedient Whiner” award, because he complains like a little princess, but he always does what he’s told. 😉 Therefore, here I am presenting him with his new keychain, which says “It ain’t easy being a Princess, but somebody’s gotta do it!”

The Coaches have some fun opening their Christmas present from Kath. Wheeeee!

Looks like fun, DOESN’T IT?!  Then make sure you’re there!  See you on December 17th……

Today’s Workout

Buy-in: Dynamic movement – coaches’ choice

WOD:  “Hip Hop”

This is an interval workout in which you get equal parts work and rest.  Score each movement as you would a Tabata interval workout – for each exercise the lowest number of reps you get in any one round is your score.

4 rounds of:

  • 30 seconds Sumo Deadlifts (NO high pull – but feet wide and hands inside shoulder width) at 155/225
  • 30s rest
  • 30s kettlebell swings (35/55)
  • 30s rest
  • 30s box jumps (24″/30″)
  • 1 min rest

Zone 4 – scale deadlifts to 135/185

Zone 3 – scale deadlifts to 115/155, kettlebells as needed, box jumps to 20/24

Zone 2 – scale deadlifts to 95/135, kbs and box jumps as needed

Zone 1 – scale as needed

Cash-Out: FTL stretch


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