O-Lifting Competition – Feb. 26th 2011

You may have seen these posters up in the gym.

CrossFit North Vancouver is putting on an Olympic Lifting Competition on Saturday, February 26th, 2011.

This will be an official competition that is sponsored by BC Weightlifting Association.  If you came to any of the competitions that were held at PISE, the competition will be much like those ones.  The same rules will apply!

To register, please fill out the registration form.

Post to the comments if you are interested in competing so we have an idea of who will be attending.  That way we can organize transportation, etc.  I will be competing, and I know that H-Bomb has also shown some interest.

Let’s send some Zoner’s and REPRESENT!!!

Today’s Workout

Buy-in –  Split jerk.  Work with PVC or bar for footwork, then 6 sets – 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1 reps working up in weight.  On single reps drop the bar from the top to save your body. 

WOD:  Pullup and Burpee Ladder

Each minute you will switch between pullups and burpees and the reps will rise in a sequential manner.  In the first minute, you will perform 1 pullup.  In the second minute, you will perform 2 burpees.  In the third minute, you will perform 3 pullups and so on.  Each minute you get to rest the remainder of the time after you have completed the required reps.  Be sure to keep track of the reps as you go up! 

Games Prep – chest to bar pullups, burpees with dumbbells – 15lb/20lb – instead of clapping, just get db’s overhead

Elite/Rx – normal pullups and burpees

Zone 2 – assisted pullups

Zone 1 – scaled as needed

* The last round in which you complete all of the required repetitions (either pullups OR burpees) is your score*

Cash-Out:  Foam roll/massage ball upper back, chest, shoulders


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