Dear Santa…


What do you want from Santa this year? No, it’s not a silly question…. C’mon, just think about it: If you had the option of requesting three “CrossFit presents” from Santa this year, what would they be? (Bear in mind that in this little fantasy of mine, the Three CrossFit Wishes can be used as shortcuts to getting to the same place that true dedication and hard work over the long term can also often get you….)

I know what I would ask for.

First, I would ask for the wherewithal and the strength to finally get my first muscle up. This “present” would include the mystical powers needed to overcome my favourite griping and to master the false grip without pain and inability to straighten my arms past a 45 degree angle, a helluva kip to get up and over the rings, and the amazing strength in my triceps to push up quickly from the dip position to a full lockout. As a part of this package, I’d probably ask Santa to throw in some extra courage to help me to regain the desire to get up on those rings and try again, despite all my past failures and frustrations. Don’t get me wrong; I know I’ll get there eventually…. But it’d be so much NICER if Santa just kinda made it happen now-ish!

Secondly, I would ask Santa for a brand spanking new, uninjured, and un-compromised lower spine. This would help me eventually strengthen my deadlift to at least 200lbs someday, give me the sturdy midsection required to do successive Overhead Squats with more than 100lbs, and develop a rousingly fast and heavy Kettle Bell swing without any back pain. Some days I dream of the flexibility included with this new back that would also make Thrusters, Front Squats, and Back Squats feel comfortable, heavy Sumo Deadlift High Pulls a possibility, and a perfect Squat Snatch within closer reach. As a part of this little bargain with Santa, I would give my word that I’ll work consistently and with scheduled regularity at increasing my strength in these Goats of mine, since I won’t be hampered by the ‘painful days‘ anymore.

Thirdly, I would request new springs in my legs to help me increase my speed and accuracy with Double Unders and Box Jumps. While I happen to love doing both, I often come up against the same brick walls. Sometimes, after a long bout of whizzing through some carefully and methodically strung together Double Unders, my feet will thwart me. At this point I will fail to jump high or fast enough anymore to ensure that the rope makes it under my body yet again as the spin power in my exhausted shoulders and wrists starts to slow down. As for Box Jumps, the elusive rebound ability escapes me! No matter what I do to-date, I have to take that extra and infinitesimal second bounce to re-set my depth perception and give me the oomph to leap back up there again. Honestly, my ideal present would be to be able to execute the incredible Gymnastics Sproing that I’ve seen Lindsay McCardle utilize in her box jumps… Hopefully Santa can pull through for me on that one and finagle me some of her skills!

That concludes the list of my Three Christmas CrossFit Wishes. I know… I don’t ask for much, do I? 😉

If you could ask for anything this Christmas to help you get stronger, better, or faster in the CrossFit Gym, what would it be?

Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  Back Squat – 5 x 5 reps, working up to a heavy 5.  Start with moderate weight and ramp up slowly – focus on depth of squat and keeping the knees out over the feet.

WOD:  Quick Hit

4 rounds for time:

  • 10 thrusters (65/95)
  • 20 situps
  • 30 double unders

Zone 3 – scale thrusters to 45/65

Zone 2 – scale thrusters to 35/45, 60 single skips per round

Zone 1 – scale as needed

Cash-Out Foam roll quadskis, lats, hamstrings


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