CrossFit Zone’s new Model

CrossFit began as a training methodology, but over the years it has evolved into an entirely new sport: the Sport of Fitness. This has led to an explosion of popularity, which in turn has led to a drastic change in how people are exposed to CrossFit. Where once inductees were slowly introduced to CrossFit and its pyramid of fitness (see above), now newbies dive in headfirst and treat it like a sport (the smallest, topmost portion of the pyramid), without establishing the all important base of nutrition, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting.

Throwing new, uninitiated people into classes is what has caused this flip in the pyramid. Even we here at CrossFit Zone have been guilty of it in the past, despite our best efforts. Throughout our evolution we have tried various ways to prevent this flip, from leveled classes (beg, int, adv), to foundations group seminars, and three session private training packages. None of the aforementioned methods worked quite the way that we hoped, and in hopes of creating the best, most well-rounded athletes we have been researching the best development methods and we think we may have found the best prescription for our coaches and athletes.

We are a school of fitness, and our goal is to work from the bottom up to make sure that each of our members establishes the proper foundation before moving into the “Sport” side of CrossFit.

What does this program look like?

New members start off by completing 10-15 one-on-one or two-on-one private training sessions. All sessions are coached by an instructor who educates the member in all areas of CrossFit – Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, rowing, etc. The program also covers important information such as mobility, injury prevention and nutrition. Once the program is completed, the member has the option of graduating to CrossFit group classes – however, it is our professional responsibility to ensure that all members are both competent in the CrossFit movements and fit enough to safely join group classes.

The purpose of doing personal training prior to group classes is three-fold:

First, CrossFit is incredibly technical — it’s like learning an entirely new sport — so the same way you wouldn’t take someone off the street and throw them onto the Varsity swimming team, we don’t throw people who have never done clean and jerks, snatches, pull ups and rope climbs right into the intimidating fire of group classes. Instead, we take the time to properly teach new students the movements so they’re confident and able to safely execute all movements (scaled or otherwise) before entering group classes.

Second, one-on-one personal training allows us to address the individual needs, deficiencies, weaknesses and injuries of the client. Everyone works at a different pace, and we want to keep injuries to a minimum and increase longevity.

Third, we believe relationships with the people around you are going to enrich your life, and your relationship with the student/coach is no exception. We want to get to know our members, their fitness goals, what’s going on in their lives, and help them succeed.

You might be thinking, well what about me? I have been a member for a long time and I did not get a chance to go through this program… I have great news! You have the chance to take part in this program. We have been slowly working through our membership and assigning Coaches. This Coach will contact you to do a complimentary hour private training session. In this session the coach will assess where you are at with your movement and mobility. Once you have been assessed, it is your choice to do more private training sessions to further your education at a discounted rate. Your Coach may also recommend more sessions for your benefit and safety.

If we do not contact you soon enough to set up this session and you are eager to get started, please contact Sandy ( to pair you up with a Coach.  If you have any questions about the program please ask Sandy or Deanna.



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