FBF: 45 Pound Blades

It’s ya man, Tha Gettin’ Thicka Killa aka Big Blades. I’m back again for
your weekly dose of hip-hop beats to keep your workouts turnt’ all the
way up. This week we have the Houston Texas legend Lil’ Troy.

Troy Lane Birklett, drug dealer turned record label owner had a GIANT
hit back in 1999, “Wanna Be a Baller.” The song peaked at 70 on the
Billboard 100, and propelled his ’99 album Sittin’ Fat Down South 1.9
million copies and certified platinum status.

If you don’t remember this classic then where the hell have you been?!?
This was one of my first introductions into the Houston sound and lit
the fire for my love of the Houston Texas Rap scene. Turn this all the
way to the right and watch you get ya weight right! AIGHT?!?!?!

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InGtiEXQyF0′]


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