Five Way Shoulder Stretch

You often see the 5 Way Shoulder Stretch as the cash out.  Maybe you wonder what the 5 ways are and whether you are doing them correctly.  Take a few minutes to watch this video from Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD series.  Please pay close attention to the initial steps for establishing the correct positioning to ensure that you are getting the desired effect.  Mobilizing the joints and maintaining the ability to get into a strong position is hugely important for your efficiency of movement.  You will hear the term externally rotate a lot of times in this video.  It’s important!  The ability to create a strong position in the shoulder is important in almost everything we do in Crossfit.  Presses, squats, handstands, dips, farmer carries – they all require strong shoulder positioning, meaning that the ability to create an externally rotated position is not only good for stretching but sets you up to be able to set up properly for your lifts as well.  Take advantage of the time allowed at the end of class to “perform basic maintenance on your body”.


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