Crossfit – Live on Fire.

“Set your life on fire.  Seek those who fan your flames.”

When it comes to your fitness goals, your Crossfit community will fan your flames if you let them.  Many workouts we do have a strength component that calls for a small number of repetitions every 3 mins.  These workouts are typically meant to be done quite heavy and a percentage of your 1RM is prescribed.  The weight you use should seem like it is not going to be that hard the first time around, but make you glad to have the rest by the time you hit the third round.  This is a great time to team up with one or two classmates that lift around your weight or maybe a bit more than you would typically chose.  Consult your Crossfit coach to chose an appropriate weight and adjust the rep scheme as needed.  Your Crossfit work out is your opportunity to work with people who will challenge you to be your best.


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