Fresh Meat

We are expanding our Apprentice Program again to improve our coaching in the busier classes.   We would like to welcome Adrianna Haffey to the Zone team.  Adrianna has been a dedicated Zoner since June 1, 2011 attending regular classes, hitting PR`s,  and competing in competitions.

To Adrianna, “Crossfit is the foundation of my quest to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through Crossfit, I have learned how to handle stress better, eat more healthfully and how to set (and evaluate) goals more effectively.  Picking up a heavy barbell or finally mastering a new gymnastics skill minimizes the other sources of stress in my life, and gives me a great sense of empowerment. I feel that if I can finish the workout, I can do anything.

Most of all, Crossfit is a community. I have made some great friends and created a strong support network at Crossfit Zone. My friends and ‘family’ not only help me through workouts and encourage me in competition, they also truly care about how I am doing in all aspects of my life.”

Adrianna will be starting as a Level 1 apprentice coach with us.  You can find her helping out in the 4:30pm class on Monday and Wednesday.  Please welcome her and congratulate her when you see her.

Please feel free to give us any feedback on how she is doing any time you like to

 Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Partner 2Km row – break up as needed

WOD“No more legs Please”

Complete 8 full Tabata intervals with each exercise for total reps:

KB Swing (35/55)
Rest 1 min
Double unders
Rest 1 min
Toes to bar
Rest 1 min
Ring rows (body parallel to ground)

Zone 2 – scale KB to 20/35lbs, scale toes to bar to hanging leg raise, scale ring row as needed
Zone 1 – scale doubles to singles, scale everything else as needed including number of intervals

Cash Out – Work on your Mobility Goat – ask your coach for help!


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