Dump and Jump

Brian's first shot at CrossFit Total

Brian’s first shot at CrossFit Total

What do I do if I start a lift and I fail?

This subject came up in class yesterday when we were doing the CrossFit Total! The answer is “Dump and Jump.” You will never hear this answer unless you are in a CrossFit gym. Most gyms don’t let you drop the weights on the floor.  At a CrossFit gym we promote you to drop the weight if you are not able to complete the lift to prevent possible injury.

This is a technique that I would recommend that you practice. You want to be efficient with dumping a weight before you try to lift heavy. Please watch this “video” to see the proper way to dump a weight that is too heavy and you lose it.


  1. When you are missing the lift in the front, keep the arms locked out and jump back and release
  2. Most injuries come from not dumping the weight when needed
  3. If the bar heads backward then let go and jump forward

Happy Dumping!

Today’s Workout:

Row 1 K
Five rounds of:
25 Pull-ups
85/135 pound Push jerk, 7 reps


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