Gymnastics Day!

Hi Team,

I am incorporating a Gymnastics day a couple of times a month, starting today.  In this session we will be including exercises that you already know as well as some new ones.  This will not be a “for time” based workout, it will be for skill development only. These sessions will give you a chance to play around with some new movements.  This class is for EVERYONE! Remember that every movement is scalable and can be broken down to the basic movements.  You will be quite surprised at how these movements can transfer to building strength and coordination in other CrossFit movements that you do.

Check this video that I found while poking around the CrossFit Gymnastics website:

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Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Coach led dynamic warmup for the shoulders and hips (10 Minutes)

* Please watch the videos before attending class *

WOD –  “Gymnastic Skills”

Coaches will demo the exercise and then allow 10 minutes to practice at each station:

Zone 1 – Scale movement and reps as needed

Cash Out – Mobility WOD #5 -The sink and shoulder extension

Test: Some kind of dip/loaded shoulder extension
Mob: shoulder extension
Re-test: Loaded dip/Bonus: does it change the pushup?
* Use the pbars or a rack with a barbell racked on it

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