Gymnastics Foundations?

Want to learn to do this like Sean Lind? It all comes from learning the basics!

That’s right!  We’re going to change things up for February and try something new: we’re hosting our first Gymnastics Foundations seminar!  In the past, the monthly Foundations seminar has been focused on weightlifting and Olympic lifting movements.  But for this month, we are focusing solely on gymnastics movements.  If you have attended the Foundations seminar in the past, you may want to hit this one up because it will be different!

Gymnastics 101 – Sunday, February 19th

9:00am – 11:00am

Come learn the basic Elements of gymnastics for CrossFit!

This seminar will deliver a comprehensive understanding of the gymnastics side of the CrossFit program and can be seen as CrossFit Gymnastics 101. We offer a seamless integration into a group class where the concentration becomes more refinement of technique and development of athletic capacities.

You will be taught a wide variety of foundational movements and techniques that will help to challenge you in your workouts, including:

  1. Pistol
  2. Hollow rock/Arch rock
  3. L-sit
  4. Kipping Pullup
  5. Knees to elbow/Toes to bar
  6. Ring dip/Muscle up progressions
  7. Skin the cat
  8. Handstand/Handstand Pushup
  9. Forward roll/ Handstand to forward roll
  10. Other movements requested on the class depending on gymnastics level

You will also learn how to scale the movements appropriately for your fitness level while you are still being challenged in the workout.

Today’s Workout

Buy In: Snatch technique – 7×3, working up to WOD  weight

WOD: “Skipping Isabel” – 6 rounds for time of:

  • 5 Snatch (95/135)
  • 50 double unders

Games Prep: scale up to Squat Snatch
Zone 4: scale to 115/75
Zone 3: scale to 95/55
Zone 2:  scale to 75/45
Zone 1: scale as needed, single skips x 3

Cash out: MWOD

Spend 2 min in a squat position against the wall, trying to bring your bum in as close as possible. Then, roll out those shoulders!


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