How Are Your WODs Going?

“Your body is trying to keep you alive despite the fact that you are trying to starve your muscles of their main source of energy, which is glucose.”

Not feeling like your usual BA self during WODs now that you are on the Whole Life Challenge?  Are you running out of steam too fast, feeling sluggish?   Remember that no grains does not equal no carbs, and that meat and salad will not be enough fuel for you to be able to perform the way you want to in the gym.  Eliminating the fairly high calorie dairy and grains from your diet can create a large deficit.  In order to perform well in the gym you need glycogen in your muscles.  You need to eat enough food.  Enough of the right foods and when you eat them can matter too.  Check out the link below.  The title notwithstanding, you may find some of the information in this blog post on Eat to Perform valuable.  Why you need carbs to fuel high intensity interval training (Crossfit), and how to get them, amongst other useful stuff.


If you are interested in testing one of the benchmark workouts that you missed at the beginning of the week, you are welcome to do it later on in the week instead of the posted workout.  Please let your coach know at the beginning of class.


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