Are you on the Whiteboard?

Sometimes it is more than the Whiteboard…. Have you been recording your results?

You may think that there is no point of keeping track of your workouts because you are not doing them as prescribed.  Well guess what?  You might be wrong… 

I have heard this story way too many times in all my years of coaching.  “I really wish I started recording my workouts when I started because I would love to have seen where I started to see my great improvements”. OR  “I don’t know what weight I used last time because I didn’t write it down.  I really wish I kept track of it”  (And then the athlete progresses and uses a weight that is too light and said they should have used more after the workout was over.)

Does any of that sound familiar?

Check out Beyond the Whiteboard


What does it all mean? Is a 400lb deadlift a good thing? Well that all depends on how much the rest of the community can pull. We’ll help you discover your relative strengths and weaknesses. We’ll even help you develop a plan of attack that will turn those weaknesses into strengths. Because, whether you’re trying to make it to the Games or simply looking to stay healthy, progress is the name of the game.

Individuals – Work on what you suck at. Not sure what that might be? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you.


Whether you like it or not, food matters. Sad, we know. Exactly how much does your diet affect your performance though? Log your meals and watch what happens to those PRs. Help keep yourself honest. The proof is in the pudding.


Good enough to make the Regionals? The Games? You’re only as good as how you compare to the rest of the CrossFit community. Post your results and see how you stack up against top CrossFitters, other affiliates, or even people with characteristics similar to you.

Logging has come to your iPhone

Introducing a fully integrated, full-featured BTWB iPhone app. Gym doesn’t have computers? No worries, now you can keep all your WODs, Workouts, and Extra Work up-to-date on your iPhone. Check your To-do list and log your results. Simple. Convenient. Done. Free for all beyond the whiteboard users.

Talk to your Coach about recording your results!


If you are interested in testing one of the benchmark workouts that you missed at the beginning of the week, you are welcome to do it later on in the week instead of the posted workout.  Please let your coach know at the beginning of class.



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