It`s a wrap…

I just wanted to do a special shout out to those athletes that pushed through the last Open WOD!  As you know, in 14.5 you were unable to be saved by the time.  If you wanted to complete the open as RX, you had to finish all 84 thrusters and burpees.  The weight for the thrusters was very close to or possibly some athletes previous 1 rep maxes.  I wanted to congratulate these athletes for pushing through and completing the work out: Norma, Jill, Jean, Gabe, Oscar, Lindsay, Trever and Chad.

… And congratulations to all the Open competitors!  This wraps up another Open season.  Keep your eyes on the website to see how our team finishes and if our team gets an invite to Regionals.  Thanks to all the Zoners for supporting the competitors, we couldn`t have done it without you.

Last chance to re-do your workout is today before 4:30pm!





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