Jakt Rx’d Protein

The Team from Jakt Rx who sponsors Lucas have sent us some vanilla and chocolate protein for every one to try. Some of the coaches have been using it as a tester and like it.  We would like the members to try it out and see if its something that we should carry.

It is a Canadian made whey isolate, sugar and aspartame free protein powder that includes ingredients like coconut oil, leucine, and glutamine. The neglect the excess additive that other brands use which is always a plus. Here is Lucas’ experience with the product over the last 8 months.

Hey guys,

I’ve been using it for over 8 months and I am loving it. It tastes great
and mixes well, if you care about that. It also has a lot of extra
ingredients that other protein powders don’t, like glucosamine and coconut
oil. My fitness and recovery this year have improved dramatically since
last year, even with a crazy school schedule – I’m certain my daily JAKTRX
shakes have contributed to this progress. There are lots of products out
there, and most of them work, but this one seems to work REALLY well!

So bring your shaker cups and ask the office for a scoop!


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