Kettlebell Foundations

Kettlebell movements 101 – Sunday, June 24th

9:00am – 11:30am

Come join the Bruce and learn the basic Kettlebell Movements of CrossFit!

This seminar will deliver a comprehensive understanding of the kettlebell movements in the CrossFit program and can be seen as CrossFit Zones Kettlebell 101. We offer a seamless integration into a group class where the concentration becomes more refinement of technique and development of athletic capacities.

1. Swings

  • Russian
  • American/CrossFit
  • Double

2. Cleans

  • Single clean
  • Double clean
  • KB long cycle (clean and jerk)

3. Thrusters

4. Snatch

  • Single arm
  • Double arm


  • Turkish Get Up
  • Windmills

Price: Members $10 / Non Members $40

Register – use your Zenplanner login that was emailed to you (If you are unable to register online, please register at the Box)

* We will be capping the registrants at 15,  make sure to register to save your space *

Today’s Workout

Buy In – Widow makers
* Last week!      Make sure to increase that weight 🙂
* Warmup with rubber band squats

WOD“Man On The Run”
EMOTM for 20 minutes complete:
7 Burpees
100M Run

Zone 3 – complete every other round (this is a sprint!)
Zone 2 – complete as an amrap
Zone 1 – scale as needed

Cash Out – MWOD
* Couch stretch
* Hamstring stretch with rubber band


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