Wilderness WOD 2 is full!

It turns out that I can’t make a fancy poster on the computer… So I tried my best to draw one.

We’ve had so many people sign up already that I had to cut off the registration. Everyone is still welcome to come and watch, or to just come for around 11pm to use the BBQ and hang out at the beach with the Zone gang.

I have the agenda set, but I’m not going to give any specifics away because I might decide to change things a bit.

As noted in the poster: there is no cost to members, and non-members will pay a drop in fee of $20 (+HST).  A BBQ will be provided (many thanks to Brigit), so feel free to bring some meat for afterwards.

Willows Beach is at Beach Dr. and Dalhousie St. We’ll meet on the grass by the washrooms.

Currently we have the following people attending:

Erika H, Steve S, Abhinav R, Wendy C, Brigit J, Adam G, Felix C, Janine D, May Flower, Colleen B, Ivy C, Asha J, Mike S, Jim J, Deanna W, Clint A, Sean B. And possibly Tisha R-T, Joss M, Warren C

I feel sorry for anyone that is leaving town for the long weekend! For those of us staying in town, I’ll see you at the beach!

– Craig

Today’s Workout

Buy In – Overhead Squat – 5 x 3 reps
* Warm up with rubber band around knees and holding a rubber band overhead
* Increase weight depending on technique.  Make sure to get the okay from your coach before moving up in weight!

WOD – “Pop Rocks”
3 Rounds of:
7 Hollow Rocks
14 Ring Dips
21 Pistols (alternating legs)

*  Focus on technique and virtuosity in your movement, not speed

Zone 3 – scale ring dip reps to 10
Zone 2 – scale to hollow body hold for 10 sec., assisted ring dips with feet on a box (the higher the box, the easier), pistols to a box or use a band/ring
Zone 1 – scale to hollow body rocks to assisted in dead bug position, scale ring dips to assisted dips on parallettes or pushups (maintain your hollow body hold), scale pistols to air squats

Cash Out – Tabata L-sit


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