Learning the Cartwheel – Part 2

Learning the Cartwheel, Roger Harrell
Learning the Cartwheel with Roger Harrell

Side Cartwheel:

Once you have the Cartwheel progression down while using a folded mat (Learning Cartwheel – Part 1) The next step is to take the mat away and work on Part 2 – the Side Cartwheel.

Follow these steps:

  1. Stand in a straddle with your hips and shoulders in line with direction that you intend to travel
  2. Lift both your arms over your head
  3. Turn your hands inward facing each other (making a diamond shape with your hands)
  4. Feet are turned out slightly
  5. Reach for the floor and kick your trailing leg as your lead leg leaves the ground
  6. Don’t try to get momentum from the trailing arm, reach into the cartwheel (Power is coming from the legs)
  7. As you finish the cartwheel, don’t lift your hands off the floor, you want to push the floor away from your hands

Once you are consistent with the side cartwheel in each direction, try to bend your knees and pass through a wide stance partial squat in between each cartwheel to maximize turnover and speed. As you develop competence, you will be able to accelerate across the floor.

Quote from David Goggins:

“People have often told me that I’m crazy, or that I’m stupid for doing all the things I do. They say I’m over training or I’m going to injure myself if I’m not careful. The bottom line is this. You never know what your life has in store for you. I believe we are all here to serve a purpose. I believe we all have our own missions. What I am trying to tell you is this… If you are thinking about doing something tomorrow, do it today instead.”

Today’s Workout:

Buy In10 standing long jump and  10 vertical jump attempts

WOD – ” Annie… with a twist

15 rounds:

  • 10 double unders
  • 10 ab-mat situps

Cash Outall out 1000 metre row


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