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Brian tries for a new deadlift PR!
Brian tries for a new deadlift PR!

You may not know this, but CrossFit Zone offers many free services that you are probably not taking advantage of. What’s all this, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you!

In addition to our nutrition and goal counseling, we offer one-on-one skills sessions. These skills sessions are without a doubt one of our most valuable and complimentary services that we provide to our clients. But there’s just one small problem….. Nobody ever uses them!

Nobody, that is, except Mr. Brian Ogilvie! Brian has become one of our die-hard, dedicated, determined athletes. And do you know how he has become such an overnight sensation? It’s because he puts in so much extra time and effort, and has made it his mission to perfect his CrossFit technique and skills. He does this by utilizing the coaches for goal setting and accountability services, and regularly scheduling the complimentary 20 minute, one-on-one skills sessions with a coach that are included in his monthly membership fee.

I have had the privilege of coaching Brian in his private skills sessions, and am always happy to receive his latest emails detailing his goals and progress. Because I have gotten a front row seat on Brian’s road to CrossFit success, I can say wholeheartedly that I am utterly impressed with the rapidity in which he has made progress and gained strength since implementing this kind of programming into his routine. In a matter of months, Brian has dedicated himself to mastering lift and movement technique, which has in turn made it possible for him to lift heavier weights, and move faster in his WODs. One thing goes hand in hand with the other. If you put in time and do your homework, you will undoubtedly see the success you are hoping for. Brian is living proof of this.

But first, you have to SHOW UP AND DO THE WORK. That’s all! Sounds simple, right? Well, that’s because it is. The perfecting of your skills is an important part of both your safety and performance in class times. This is why we offer our free, private skills sessions, have personal training options, and allow you to spend time before and after classes working on the skills of your choice. For those of you who did an intro session with us, you will remember us telling you that CrossFit is a lot like a school: you need to do your homework if you want to get top grades. If you choose not to put in the time to improve, then the onus is on you, not the coaches! If you don’t put in the work, you’re only cheating yourselves out of the amazing results you could be seeing.

So, let’s all take a page out of Brian’s book, and start doing our ‘homework’!

To ask questions about what’s included in your membership package, schedule one of these skills sessions, or go over some goal setting, feel free to email any one of the coaches at:

Today’s Workout:

Buy-InGet psyched!

WOD – “Magic 8-Ball”

Elite: 8 rounds for time of:
· 8 reps Thrusters (95/135)
· 8 reps Burpees
· 8 reps Pullups

Zone 3: scale Thrusters to 75/105

Zone 2: scale  Thrusters at 55/75; Assisted Pullups

Zone 1: scale Thrusters at 35/45; Jumping Pullups/Assisted Pullups

Cash-OutBack bridge holds and ring support practice


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