Mt. Finlayson For A Cause

We’re aware of how much you Zoners love to get moving.  Especially when it’s for a good cause!

So, when we got wind of this interesting fundraising opportunity and were asked to help spread the word, we thought this was worthy of a website post.  If this fundraiser ends up being something that interests you, see the bottom of this post for more information on how to sign up…

Mount Finlayson Madness

This particular charity fundraising event is being planned for Saturday, July 16th, 2011, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the following charities:

• Mustard Seed Street Church and Food Bank

• BC Children’s Hospital

• Canadian Cancer Sociery

• Goldstream Park Enhancement Fund

The event is being held at Mt. Finlayson, in Goldstream Park, Victoria, BC.  Those taking part will hike Mt Finlayson as many times as they can within a 12 hour period (8am to 8pm), having gathered sponsorship either for each hike they complete, or for simply taking part and completing one hike (the minimum requirement).

The event is being organized by a group based in Victoria, but many additional people are needed to assist on the day of the event to ensure it runs smoothly. More hikers are also needed to take part, get sponsored, and help raise money.  If you are able to participate or volunteer to help, please check out the website ( for full details and how to get involved.

Contact: Andy or Lisa
Tel: 250 686 1965

Todays Workout

Buy-in:  5 rounds of:  3 deadlifts, 3 hang power cleans, 3 front squats (light bar or low weight only – work through these quickly) 


Squat Clean – 8 x 2

  • build up to ~80% of your 1RM and hold there for as many sets as possible
  • If unfamiliar with this movement then work sets of 5 for technique development

WOD:  “Interval Wobbles”

This wod takes an oldie but goodie and turns it interval style.  The goal with interval work is to maintain a higher rate of work and higher quality of movement, so keep those in mind!

If your hands are hamburger or you just can’t stomach the idea of more pullups, sub Sumo Deadlift High Pulls in for the pullups.  See below for scaling

5 rounds for individual time of:

  • 20 wallballs (14/20)
  • 15 pullups (OR 15 SDHP @ 55/75)
  • each successive round starts on a 4 min timer
  • coaches stagger starts as needed

Zone 3: 15 wallballs, 10 pullups

Zone 2:  wallballs @ 10/14, assisted pullups (OR SDHP @ 45/65)

Zone 1: scale as needed

GAMES PREP – if you are recovered from Tuesday, aim for 25 wallballs, 20 pullups – as unbroken as possible

Cash-Out:  FTL stretch


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