Muscle up March

It is gearing up to the month of the Muscle up! I wanted to congratulate everyone who got their muscle up this month!

  • Felix Chen
  • Dave Chung
  • Chris Callendar
  • Harrison Nguyen

If we missed you, please post to the comments!

Are you wanting yours? Check out these tips to get you there:

  • To get the false grip – hold onto the ring in the center at the bottom and slide the wrist over and grip.
  • Keep the the elbows underneath the rings during the pullup portion of the movement.
  • Keep the elbows in close, don’t let them fly out or you will put too much pressure on your elbows and possibly injure them.
  • When you kip, drive the knees straight up, you want to transfer the energy up, not out.
  • Pullup up to the chest and trace the hands/rings around your pectoral muscles to right underneath the armpits. Don’t allow the rings to go behind you or you will be making the transition more difficult than needed.
  • Keep your torso upright in the whole movement or you will be breaking the transfer of energy.

Today’s Workout:

Buy-in: 3x (5 overhead squats (bar), 1 turkish get up per side, 10 jumping jacks)

WOD:  “Confused Nicole” – 20 min for max reps of pullups and wallball Usually “Nicole” is a 20 minute time frame to complete as many rounds of 400m run and max pullups.  In confused Nicole, after every second 400m run, you will complete 15 wallballs instead of a max set of pullups. If your hands are torn up, perform the wallballs each round.

Elite: 14/20lb wallballs

Zone 3: 10/14lb wallballs

Zone 2: assisted pullups (no more than 10 per round)

Zone 1: assisted pullups, scale run and time frame if needed

Cash-out: Follow the leader stretching

Running WOD
8K to 10K run

Please post in the comments when and where you are doing your run if you would like people to join you!


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