Bunnies And…Eggs?

An Easter postcard from 1910
An Easter postcard from 1910

The holidays are coming, and have I got a special Easter treat for you!  It’s everything you ever wanted to know about the Easter Bunny and his eggs!  Pretty exciting stuff…

Did you know that the Easter Bunny was first recorded in a German publication in the early 1600’s?  It’s a fact.  And the first edible Easter Bunnies were made in Germany during the early 1800’s, and were made of pastry and sugar. Not exactly Paleo/Zone friendly, but still delicious! 😉

The idea of an egg-laying bunny came to America via the German settlers who arrived in the Pennsylvania Dutch country during the 1700’s. The German immigrants told their children about the “Osterhas,” sometimes spelled “Oschter Haws.” “Hase” means “hare,” not rabbit, and in Northwest European folklore the “Easter Bunny” indeed is a hare, not a rabbit. (Fascinating stuff.)  Eggs, like rabbits and hares, are ancient fertility symbols. Since birds lay eggs and rabbits and hares give birth to large litters in the early spring, these became symbols of the rising fertility of the earth at the Vernal Equinox.

The arrival of the Easter Bunny was considered one of “childhood’s greatest pleasures,” similar to the arrival of Kriist Kindle (from the German Christkindl, like Santa Claus) on Christmas Eve.  According to the tradition, children would build brightly colored nests, often out of caps and bonnets, in secluded areas of their homes. The “Osterhas” would, if the children had been good, lay brightly colored eggs in the nest. As the tradition spread, the nest has become the manufactured, modern Easter basket, and the placing of the nest in a secluded area has become the tradition of hiding Easter eggs and baskets.

The precise origin of the ancient custom of colouring eggs is not known, although evidently the blooming of many flowers in spring coincides with the use of the fertility symbol of eggs.  As a special bonus, eggs boiled with some flowers happen to change their color, thus bringing spring into people’s homes.

That wraps up our Easter history lesson for today, folks!  Enjoy the holidays, and try to stay away from TOO much chocolate, mmm’kay?


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Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Ball Tag – 10 min – with a class of less than 5, do a dynamic stretch warmup

WOD – Gymnastique

Complete the following not for time – focus on technique and accuracy:

  • 30 ring dips (or 16 muscle ups)
  • 5 handstand holds of 15 seconds (free standing if possible!)
  • 5 L Sit holds of 15 seconds 
  • 30 pistol squats (15/leg)

*For each Zone, scale movements as needed

Cash Out – Foam roll quads, Hamstrings, upper back

Running WOD

Rest or recovery run (5K to 8K)

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