New Horizons

Hey all,

Every once in a while something comes along that really reminds me that we put our own limitations upon ourselves.  This realization is important since we can use that knowledge to expand our perception of what is possible.  We get revelations like this through certain CrossFit workouts in which we hit an unexpectedly high weight or rep or time score, and it’s an amazing feeling.   I got that same feeling vicariously when I watched the video below.

This video was posted by Zoner Mark Newton on his FB page and I just kinda clicked on it out of general interest.  It’s about skiing… but about skiing like you’ve probably never seen before.  It simply blew my mind to say the least… I was essentially stunned for the duration of the video. 

 Check it out:

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Share your thoughts at will in the comments section.


Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  Power Clean and Push Press – 6 x 2

  • work your way up in weight but no more than 80% of 1RM
  • focus on quick and full extension of hips before bending of the arms
  • vertical dip on the push press

WOD:  Good Morning Vietnam

This is yet another partner WOD!  Good times with a buddy – envision that you are rescuing them from a very nasty jungle combat situation.  Pick someone who is very close to your body size.

Name theme is – Simians (i.e. monkeys, apes, chimpanzees)

4 rounds (each) NOT for time of:

  • buddy carry uphill from in front of the Zone to the top of Pembroke (take breaks as needed)
  • both partners jog or walk back down to the start
  • partner 1 carries partner 2 to the top then partner 2 carries partner 1 to the top.  this is one round out of 4

Zone 3 – substitute a barbell with 95/135 for a partner (carry it in back squat position, both partners carry it down together)

  • use the shortest barbells possible

Zone 2 – substitute a barbell with 75/115

Zone 1 – scale barbell weight as needed

Cash-Out:  Easy group stretch


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