Paleo baking exhange party

We are hosting a Paleo bake exchange party at the box on Saturday, Dec. 1st at 1:30pm.  Have you ever been to a baking exchange party?  This is a party where you bring enough of one dish to share with everyone else.  You will go home with a bunch of different baking!  If you are unable to make it for the party but want to get in on this, please contact me to arrange a drop off and pick up of treats (

Why is this such a great idea?  Because you won’t need to fill up with baking that is full of wheat, dairy and a ton of sugar!  You will have some healthier sweats to help you get through the holidays!

See you on Saturday 😀

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Max weighted pullup and max weighted dip

5 attempts to reach your max weight
Alternate sets between pullups and dips

Zone 2 – decrease the rubber band assistance through sets
Zone 1 – focus on technique with a moderate intensity for 5 x 5 reps each exercise

WOD “Triplet – CrossFit Games 2009”

Max rounds and reps in eight minutes of:
4 Handstand push-ups
8 Kettlebell swing (55/70)
12 GHD situps (sub in medball throw situps)

Zone 3 – scale HSPU to 1 abmat, scale KB to 35/55lbs
Zone 2 – scale HSPU and KB as needed, scale to regular situps
Zone 1 – scale as needed

Cash Out – 5 way shoulder stretch


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