Party Time!!!

what a great looking crew...
what a great looking crew...

Hey Gang,

Come on out tonight to the CrossFit Zone Christmas party!!! It runs from 8 to 11pm and is sure to be a good time :).  Just a reminder that there is no 9am class tomorrow –  only the 10am class will run.

Another reminder – the Mistletoe Gala is Saturday night, should be a great event with some absolutely amazing auction items.  Pop it into the event calendar for tomorrow!!!

Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  Form a solid team of 3, mixing Zones… and create a Pirate-themed name!!

WOD:  “Team, Jackie’s Running!”

In a team of three,  complete the following:

  • 3 rounds each of:  350m row, 17 thrusters (45), 10 pullups
  • Then, as a team run 800m to finish (time stops when all team members are in the gym)
  • You must go in order and only one person working at a time:  person 1 rows 350, person 2 rows 350, person 3 rows 350 then move to thrusters in same fashion.

Zone 2 – scale thrusters as needed

Zone 1 – modify workout as needed

Cash-Out:  foam roll, hang out 🙂


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