Planning your meals

I came across a photo on my facebook page that really echoed how important preplanning and preparing the majority of your meals in advance are. A persons diet and eating habits can be the make or break point when it comes to achieving their performance or weight goals. We have all done it, woken up too late for breakfast, worked right through lunch, and are just too tired at the end of the day to cook dinner. Behaviours like this can snowball out of control.

Tips for maintaining consistent eating habits

  1. Learn how much you should be eating to make it to your goal. Use this calculator to see how much your should be eating based on height and body weight. As much as we like to think were given’er hard, most of us only fall into the light to moderate category for exercise. If its your goal to gain weight add 500kcal, lose weight subtract 500kcal
  2. Track your food for a couple of days to see what the proper amount of food looks/feels like to eat. I know a lot of people who think they eat a lot, but are actually under eating.  use a phone app or a website like
  3. take a couple hours on a free day and pre-cut all your veggies and precook and plan your meals for 4-5 days worth of food. place them in tupperware or mason jars. Make it easy to wake up grab your break fast or lunch and move on.

Focus on quality ingredients, and hopefully this helps you to reach your goals. Remember you can always sit down with one of your coaches and do a nutritional check-in!


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