Proud Supporters of Rob and Donald!

CrossFit Victoria BC - Proud supporters of Rob and Donald
CrossFit Zone family after Day 6th of the Ultramarathon!

CrossFit Zone wanted to send out a special thanks to everyone who has been a great supporter to Rob and Donald along the way to the 300km.  Thanks for competing in the FGB Challenge, raising money for BBBS Victoria, running / biking / walking along side the guys through out the week and sporting the cool shirts that Krista and I created 😉  I am so happy that we have such an amazing group of people at CrossFit Zone.

RVM Results: check out other race results

Marathon –

  • Rob Mackay (Day 7) 4:22:40; Placing – 184/1671
  • Donald Peterson (Day 7) 4:22:40; Placing – 182/1672

Way to complete the 300km’s guys!  The total time for 300km was 28:51:29.  On day 7 they were on track to have their best Marathon time in the sequence Approx. 3:53 – 3:55), until Donald’s IT band started to act up and they had to walk the last 5kms.  (Still beating day 2’s time of 4:27:00)  Way to push through it Donald!  We are so proud of you guys 🙂

Half Marathon –

  • Marilyn Arsenault (running the Pose seminar Oct. 24th) 1:15:39; Placing – 1/16
  • Krista Kitson (ran a half with Rob and Donald off the record) 1:45 (approx. ); Placing would have been – 25ish/ 600ish
  • Lani Shields (ran a half with Rob and Donald off the record) 1:45 (approx. );  Placing would have been – 25ish/ 600ish

8km Race –

  • Sean Falconer 29:22;  Placing – 6/31
  • Jeremy Bomhof 36:25; Placing – 23/164
  • Tara Hailstone 40:36; Placing – 16/341
  • Deanna Whiteley 40:39; Placing – 18/348
  • Mehul Ghandi 44:41; Placing – 47/600
  • Brian Ogilvie 47:18; Placing – 53/811
  • Catherine Bryan 47:25; Placing – 40/825
  • Jasmine Gudavicius 57:34; Placing – 97/1536

Congratulations to all the competitors!  Everyone did an amazing job!!!!!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Practice a gymnastics skill for 20 minutes…. muscle up, skin the cat, support hold, handstand

WOD “G.I. Jane”

* check out the video below on how to do this exercise *

Elite: 100 burpee-pullups

Zone 4: 75 burpee-pullups

Zone 3: 50 burpee-pullups

Zone 2: 5 rounds of 5 burpees, 5 pullups

Zone 1: 5 rounds of 5 burpees, 5 jumping pull-ups

Cash Out – 50 Abmat situps


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