Reminder – CrossFitter’s for a Cure!

CrossFit Victoria BC - crossfitter's for a cure

Monday June 28th 6:30pm – 7:30pm class

Hi Team!

Just a quick reminder that Alex and Matt from CrossFit for a Cure will be visiting our gym tomorrow!  They have come so far,  so if you are able to donate any money, please do so by:

With regards to donations we have come up with three options:

1. The athlete donates directly to the Alzheimer’s Society Of Canada through our blog and either e-mail us a copy of the receipt or print out the receipt and bring it to the event.

2. The athlete brings in the cash donations and then pledges them to the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada to be donated shortly thereafter.

3. We will take the cash donations and the athletes information and donate on there behalf once the event is completed and a receipt will then be mailed to that athlete from the Alzheimer Society.

Options 1 and 2 are preferred, as we would rather not handle any cash donations.

For more information about the event please check out the previous blog post

Today’s Workout:

Buy In Pick partners and an awesome team name for the WOD!

WOD –  “My Buddy Tabata”

With your partner, you will complete 8 tabata intervals EACH of the following exercises:

  • Pushups
  • Pullups
  • Squats
  • Rowing
  • For the workout, each partner must complete a full 8 intervals of work before switching over – i.e. partner 1 does all 8 intervals of pushups and then partner 2 does 8 intervals of pushups after.
  • Scoring is low score on each exercise for each partner (i.e. partner 1 pushups low score = 10, partner 2 pushups low score = 11, team score = 22 for that exercise).
  • There will be a 5 minute break between the squats and rowing (complete all the pushup, pullup, and squat Tabatas, 5 min break, then everyone does the row Tabatas).

Cash Out team stretch and chat with our visiting friends!

First Class of the Gymnastics Zone 10 week program starts tonight!!

Starting at 7:30pm to 8:45pm. Class will be 1hr technical training with the option of a 15min Gymnastics style WOD at the end

Tonights Skills will be

  • Skin the cat, Kipping pullups (beat swings), Handstands and support holds.

Remember the classes are limited to 10 people per class so sign up early to make sure you have a spot!

For more information on the class, how to register, etc. Just click this link


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