Retesting 13.4

This is a very short Open workout (7 min), and in these types of workouts, you need a more extensive warmup.  Make sure that you have got the heart rate up at least once before you begin.  At the early reps, you will feel like a race horse coming out of the gate and will probably hit a wall nearing the 9 rep scheme.   Have a plan set of how many reps you can string together before you need a break.  This workout does not leave you a lot of rest time other than your transition between exercise, so try to minimize your rest time between sets.  Take a quick breather, count 1,2,3 and get back on the barbell or pullup bar.  Try to save your grip by using the hook grip on the cleans. For more tips and strategies, take a look at the following post and video.

Tips for 13.4:


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