Run, Chris, RUN!

At CrossFit Zone, we’re all about celebrating the achievements of our members.  And of course, sometimes those achievements actually take place outside the gym walls.  In the case of Chris Callendar, he achieved a definite milestone on the course of the North Olympic Discovery Marathon, this past weekend…  With a time of 2:59:47, he finished FIRST OVERALL!!!

The North Olympic Discovery Marathon was put on by the Port Angeles Marathon Association, and took place on June 5th.  The run was a gorgeous course throughout the Olympic Discovery Trail, and a jaunt along the shores of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Here is a brief quote from Chris about the race: “I couldn’t really have scripted a more exciting race. Everyone else faded hard in the heat (and the tough hills), and over the last 12 km I suddenly jumped from 4th to 1st. I still didn’t think I could get under 3, but I once I took the lead with 3 miles to go the pace bicycle led me home, honking his bell at all the walkers. Got to do 3 interviews too 🙂 “

Apparently, this marathon is a Boston Marathon qualifier. Does this mean you’re going to shoot for Boston, Chris??  Keep up the great work!

Last reminder for the WEducation Seminar being held at 730pm Wednesday night.  Coach Turts will be discussing CrossFit programming in general and how he puts his own twist on it here at the Zone!

Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  Barbell Step-up – 4 sets of 5 reps per leg

  • Bar in back squat position, use a box that allows for approximately 90* bend in knee when foot of lead leg is on top
  • Drive up onto the box using the power of the front leg (try not to push off the back leg too much)
  • Stand to full extension
  • Step back down with control – alternate legs
  • ?

WOD:  Wabblee

This is a Tabata mashup of wallballs and burpees, should be good times for sure!

Part 1:  Reverse Tabata Burpees – 16 rounds of 10sec burpees, 20 sec rest

  • Rest 5 min in between

Part 2:  Tabata Wallballs – 8 rounds of 20sec wallballs (14/20), 10 sec rest

  • Total reps combined from the two exercises count for your score!

Zone 3:  consider 8 rounds of burpees instead of 16

Zone 2:  consider 8 rounds of burpees and 6 of wallball, scale wallball weight

Zone 1:  scale as needed

Cash-Out:  Roll quads, hamstrings, calves


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