Running 300Km for the Kids!

Hey team!  I wanted to introduce everyone to two new faces that you will see around the gym soon and give you a background of what they are up to.

CrossFit Victoria BC - Sponsoring Ultramarathoners Robert Mackay and Donald PetersonUltramarathoners Robert Mackay and Donald Peterson

Ultramarathoners Robert Mackay and Donald Peterson will be running 7 days of 42.2 (a total of 300km in seven days) starting on Monday October 5th and ending on Sunday October 11th at the finish line of the Royal Victoria Marathon (RVM) to raise awareness and funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria.

Mackay and Peterson will run the RVM route starting at 6am each day from Monday to Saturday and then line up with the thousands of other
participants at the start line of the RVM to cap off their run.

Because of an amazing sponsorship from Crossfit Zone and the incredible crossfit training provided by Deanna Whiteley and her staff, Mackay and Peterson will be getting ULTRA fit for this epic challenge.

Please watch their inspirational video!

To read more about their experience’s and training along the way take a look at the following blogs:

Running 300km for the kids

Robert Mackay’s blog

Donald Peterson’s blog

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Practice technique on OHS, FS, and BS then do 3 sets of 5 of each adding weight each set. If you have not done these exercises before keep practicing with the pvc pipe and do about 20-25  reps of each.


Widow makers – Low Bar back Squats x 20 reps
Do these exercises with a partner that will use approximately the same weight so you can spot each other if need be.

Cash Out – pull-up and/or kipping skill work. If you’ve got a dead hang pull-up, you can start working on your kip.


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