Saturday Funday WOD


Here’s the WOD for Saturday.  It’s been a tough week, so scale down if the body is feeling sore or quite fatigued.


Today’s Workout:

Buy – in: 800m jog

WOD: Garbanzo

Two Parter –

  1. Deadlift – 5×3 reps, working up in weight each set

     2.    Amrap in 6 minutes of: 4 ring dips, 6 toes to bar, 2 lengths of gym broad jumps (2 leg takeoff and land).  Total reps per round = 12 (4 dips, 6 ttb, 2 lengths of jumps).

Zone 3: Scale to assisted ring dips and KTE

Zone 2:  Scale to pushups and double crunch

Zone 1:  Scale as needed

Your score is the top deadlift you attained combined with your total reps in the 6 min metcon.

Cash-out – FTL Stretch


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