Zone Rangers Team Profiles

3 weeks, exactly:

That’s the countdown to the Canadian Crossfit Regionals.  Some of Canada’s fittest people are getting in their last two major weeks of training getting ready for the biggest Crossfit challenge Canada has ever seen.  As you know, part of the competition is a battle of Affiliate teams, and we have our own Zone Rangers heading out to do battle.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring each of the members of our team so be sure to encourage them as they begin their final prep towards the competition.

Here’s today’s featured athlete:

Name: Heather Bailey

Nick Name: H-Bomb

Deadlift: 275lbs

500M Row: 1:50

Christine: 12:01

Heather joined our Zone community in January and has quickly become part of our family.  She always trains hard and as a coach is a great motivator and leader.  With relatively little Crossfit experience, the HBomb dropped in on the BC Sectionals and gave an awe inspiring performance (see pic above for a sample of one of the great faces we saw out of her that weekend ;).  She’ll be a great team member and will anchor a lot of our strength components with her raw HBomb power!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – 2 rounds not for time of:  250m row, 10 thrusters (bar), 5 pullups

WOD – “Jackie”

A classic crossfit WOD, Jackie is a toughie but a goodie AND on our awesome leaderboard.  Check out the video of these athletes

For time

  • 1000m row
  • 50 thrusters (45lb)
  • 30 pullups

Cash Out – Goat practice – choose 1-2 goats to work on for technique. 


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