Saturday WOD

Saturday!  Saturday!  Saturday!
Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!

Hi Team,

It’s Saturday.

It’s time for a WOD.

A team WOD.

Crush it, make us proud.


Today’s Workout:

Buy-in:  Generate teams of three, make a sweet name

WOD:  Team Spirit

This WOD has three parts, combine all for your team’s score.

Part 1 – 12 minutes to find a Front Squat 6RM for each member of your team.  Rules – only one rack and one bar per team, unlimited attempts but make sure people aren’t doing repeated attempts in a row!  Score for this portion is the total poundage lifted by your gang.

Part 2 – Rowtations – each member gets 3 x 30s on the erg to help the team gain as many metres as possible.  Person 1 goes for 30s, person 2 goes for 30s, person 3 goes for 30s and then repeat another two times.  The timing will be run by the coach!  Record total metres traveled.

Part 3 – 6 minutes of max reps wallballs – split up the time as you please, accumulate as many wallballs as possible!  Add all reps up for all team members.

Total up all your numbers for your team’s score!

Cash-out:  Foam roll or lacrosse ball – coaches’ choice


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