Saturday WOD

So usually Saturday is a team workout but not so this week. See below. For the main wod, the group will be split in two, one group will do 4 intervals of tabata then during their rest, the other group will go, and so on through the three exercises. 2 minutes is lots of rest, so be sure to push the pace on the intervals!

Buy-in: 800m run
WOD: Halftime Tabata (4 cycles of 20s work, 10s rest of the following exercises for TOTAL REPS):

• Hang Squat Snatch (55/75)
• 2min break
• Plank get-ups
• 2min break
• Hopper squats (pvc)
• 2 min break
Cash-out: 800m cool-down run

*hopper squats are full squats into a tiny jump at the top with a pvc on the shoulders, full hip extension still in effect
*below rx on the snatch, scale to 35/55 (zone 3) and as needed below that
*plank get up start in plank position on the elbows and end with pushing up to fully extended arms. One time up and down is one rep.




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