September Skill of the Month

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Have you retested your 2km row time?

Are you ready for the next skill of the month?

In the month of September we will be working on building up your core strength with a MAX PLANK HOLD!

Testing the plank hold:

  • Partner up and grab a PVC pipe
  • You can test from elbows or hands (front plank only)
  • You must maintain holding the same plank position for the whole time.  No switching from elbows to hands
  • Place hands or elbows directly underneath shoulders, tighten the glutes and keep your feet together
  • Your partner will place a PVC pipe over your back. You must keep contact with the PVC on your head, back (between shoulder blades), and sacrum
  • As soon as your body is not maintaining a straight line, your test is finished

Time to build your CORE and MENTAL STRENGTH!


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