Should you take sports supplements?

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In my last post, I discussed the supplements that I recommend to add to your diet to reach optimal health.  In this post, I would like to discuss sports supplements.  Many people think that when they work out, they need their protein shake otherwise their effort in the gym will be wasted…  No shake, no biceps!?  Or we often see the crossfitter that, without the pre-workout shake, WoDing is not possible…  But how can I go 100% intensity otherwise?!

I hope to surprise some of you by telling you that you don’t need a pre-workout and a post-workout supplement to obtain all the benefits from your workout sessions.  In fact, a sport supplement should NEVER replace a deficient lifestyle.  For the Average-Everyday-Normal guy/girl who goes to the gym two to three times a week, if your nutrition is not dialled in, you don’t hit the bed consistently for at least 8 hours each night, and you swim in stress daily, your are simply wasting your money with sport supplements!  You don’t need the mass gainer, fat burner, super energizer pre-WoD, and incredible recovery post-WoD supplements.

Sports supplements are for the serious athletes who need the extra edge.  By that I mean someone who trains five days or more per week, sleeps well, eats clean, and manages his recovery time by relaxation, stretching and mobilizing.  That type of crossfitter needs extra help to enhance the benefits from the last training session, as well as optimizing the muscles repair and minimizing the recovery time.  If you don’t fit in that description, I strongly advice to go back to the basics: nutrition, sleep, and stress management.

As for the sports supplements that I recommend, again, I like to keep it simple.  You know by now that I am a strong paleo-diet proponent, so you guessed it: your sport supplement should be free of grain, dairy, and artificial ingredients.  If you are going to supplement to optimize your training sessions, you certainly don’t want to ingest ingredients that are inflammatory!?


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