How is your rack?

How is your shoulder mobility?

It is time to assess your shoulder range of motion if you want to get stronger. If you are not able to get into a safe rack position, you can’t expect to get stronger. Are you sick of your wrists being sore? Does the bar sit on your shoulders in your rack position or is it on your clavicle or even worse are you holding the bar in your hands no where near your body?  It is now time to make the effort to get into a better rack position.

How do I improve my rack position?  Take a look at a couple stretches I have posted below….

rack pos 1

Focus on the palm upward or else this will transfer to having a turned out hand in the rack position, and lots of wrist pain.  Hold this stretch for 2 minutes per side

rack pos 2

Sometimes the culprit of a bad rack position can be not having proper thoracic extension.  If you have never done this stretch before, start with just moving your arms from your side to overhead and no kb or bb to hold on to.  Start at your mid back and work your way up.

rack pos 4

You can do this stretch standing up and hinging forward or into a lunge.  The most important thing to think about is keep your elbow locked out and your palm facing forward.  If you can, get a partner to turn your arm so your shoulder is externally rotated.  Hold for 2 minutes per side.


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