Skill-of-the-Month: March Results!

Sorry for the delay in posting this folks, but it’s time to publicize the March Skill-of-the-Month results!

Handstand Pushup month was the highest attended challenge we’ve had so far this year.  We had 27 people test their HSPU’s, and then re-test for improvement at the end of the month.  There were numerous people who completed more reps than they originally started with, and as a result they took away an Abmat as a prize!  There were also a couple noteworthy athletes that had never even kicked up to the wall before on their own, and not only got past that as the month progressed, but they were banging out Handstand Pushups like there was no tomorrow by the time the re-test came around!

Most Improved Male: Cam McLean started with 16 reps down to 1 Abmat, and re-tested with 16 reps head-to-ground!
Most Improved Female: Susan Jobbins went from not ever having kicked up onto the wall alone to doing 7 HSPU`s to 3 Abmats!  Tara Bomhof (who, incidentally, just recently had a baby and was back at CrossFit no less than five weeks later!) went from 6 HSPU’s to 2 Abmats to a PR of 19 reps to 2 Abmats.  What a strong Mama!
Most rep increase – Male: Cam McLean not only ditched his Abmat in the challenge, he completed the most reps Rx!
Most rep increase – Female: Coach Deanna hit a new PR of 15 reps (up by 5 reps), and she did it in the middle of a workout!
Average increase overall: 4 reps

Way to go team!


Looks like most of the Regionals Spectator shirts went!  Thanks to everyone who came out to support the team.  If you were still wanting a shirt or have not picked yours up, there are a few left.  If you were unsure as to where to bring your donation money ($10 suggested) over the weekend, please bring it in to the office next time you are at the Zone.

Thanks for your support!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Time to retest those double unders!  You have 3 attempts to try to hit a new PR.  Make sure to let your Coach know what your previous score was and what you retested at.

2 x 10 reps of Back squat – choose a moderate weight and rep it out!


Time to see if you still got those HSPU skills!

21-15-9 Reps for time:

Deadlift (155lbs/225lbs)
Handstand Pushup

Zone 5: Scale handstand pushups to 1 abmat / 15lb plate
Zone 4: Scale deadlift to 125/185, handstand pushups to 2 abmats / 15lb plate
Zone 3: Scale deadlift to 95/135lbs, scale handstand pushups as needed but stay inverted
Zone 2: Scale deadlift as needed, modify hanstand pushups as needed
Zone 1: Scale as needed

This workout is meant to be fast (under 10 minutes), so make sure to scale appropriately.  The deadlift weight should not be any higher than  70% of your deadlift 1RM.

Cash Out –  MWOD

2 min of side to side hip grinders
2 min each side lateral and front hammie stretch on a box
Rubber band stretch for shoulders



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