Skill of the Month – Pullups?

Photo from CrossFit HQ

Pullups… again?

Yup we are bringing the pullups back!  Are you excited?  This month, it will not be strict pullups, it’ll be a kipping pullup.

If yours are a little rusty, here is a great video from CrossFit HQ detailing the mechanics of the kip:

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For those of you who have always kind of wondered about the kip, I’ll have you know that it ISN’T cheating!  The Kipping pull-up is an advanced pull-up that not only calls into action multiple muscle groups from head to toe, but also requires heavy cardiovascular work. Even though the Kipping pull-up looks similar to what many call a “cheating” pull-up, it is a precise movement taken from gymnastics and requires some dedicated learning.

Here’s a link to an old Zone post with a fab video about how to best tape your hands for pullups. (My apologies for the picture at the top of the page. *shudder*)

Now get practicing!


Signup for the Cindy Challenge in the office (bring in your $30 cash) today!  If you cannot make it in today, but still want to take part, please email so I can add you to the heat schedule.

If you are not able to make it in on Saturday, please email to set up a time to come in and test your Cindy Challenge baseline.

FYI – The Cindy Challenge does not count as one of your classes for the week!

Today’s Workout

Buy in – Our new Skill of the Month: Max pullups!  Test them if you haven’t already done so. If you have, test something else on the Leaderboard. This skill of the month is specifically designed to help with your Cindy score for our upcoming Cindy Challenge! 😉 Sign up now if you’re interested.

WOD – Back Squat (5,3,2,2,1,1,1)

Go for a 1 Rep Max.  Hopefully all those widow makers have paid off!

Zone 1 – focus on technique with 5 x 5 reps

Cash Out – 50 toes to bar or progressions thereof


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