Straddle what?

CrossFit Victoria BC - Darth Erkel and Supa from CrossFit Van doing the iron cross

Darth Erkel  and Supa from CrossFit Van doing an iron cross…. but something is wrong with this picture, oh wait he doesn’t have the “false grip”

For those of you that missed the Gymnastics seminar – Part 1, it was absolutely amazing!  We learnt so many basic skills on the rings such as support holds, straddle holds, skin the cat, back lever, front lever, muscle ups, how to spot each other and much much more.  If you have no idea what these are…. don’t worry you will be learning them in class soon enough.

Don’t forget Gymnastics Elements Seminar – Part 2 is held tomorrow from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

In lieu of the seminar, the Level 2 class at 6:00pm will be cancelled.  If you want to make it to a WOD this evening, please come to the 5:00pm class (All Levels welcomed!)

Check out the video on Straddle Holds from the Seminar last Saturday

Today’s Workout:

Buy Injump rope for 5 minutes practicing double unders; then do Coach Boz OHS Warmup

WOD – “Josh”

Elite: For Time:

  • 65/95 pound Overhead squat, 21 reps
  • 42 Pull-ups
  • 65/95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps
  • 30 Pull-ups
  • 65/95 pound Overhead squat, 9 reps
  • 18 Pull-ups

Zone 3: Scale weight to 45/75; pullups assisted/unassisted

Zone 2: Scale weight to 35/55; scale to assisted pullups (21-15-9 reps)

Zone 1: Scale weight to 25/35; scale to jumping pullups (21-15-9 reps)

Cash Out 3 sets of get up situps (10 R / 10 L)


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