Are you a Poser?

CrossFit Victoria BC - 3-2-1 Go!
3-2-1 Go!

Most people run with a heel to toe strike.  But,  if you were stripped of your shoes and told to run on the road, would you run the same?  NO! This is where the pose technique comes in.  When you run with a heel to toe strike it sends shock waves up your legs into the ankle, knee, and hip joints.  In most cases, your foot will land in front of you.  When an object is in motion, if something lands in front of its center of mass, it will either slow down or stop quite harshly.  Why would you want to slow down your running pace?

There are 3 different phases of the POSE running:

1.  The pose is the point at which your foot passes under your center of mass and you make the shape of the number 4 with your legs.

2.  The fall happens when you let go, use gravity to your advantage, and just fall.

3.  The pull is where the supporting foot is pulled, instead of pushed, from the ground and movement continues.

Why should you use the “Pose” running technique?

When you are running with a heel to toe strike, you are working against the force of gravity.  Why not use gravity to your advantage?  You will use less energy when you run with the pose running technique.  Imagine, if you are running with a heel to toe strike you will have to push your self away from the ground to take the next step.  Think of this, if you were to lightly strike with the balls of your feet and then quickly pull your foot off the ground, you will use less energy.  You are only having to pull about 2% of your body weight (your foot) off of the ground compared to pushing your full body weight.

Give it a try, you will notice a difference in your speed!  Make sure to ease into this technique, if you don’t slowly quote me, “Your shins and calves will be very sore!”

Take a look at the crazy heel striking of the people in the video!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Learning  “Skin the Cat technique; work with a partner and spot each other on this gymnastics exercise.

WOD – “Every rep Counts”

Elite – AMRAP in 20 minutes:

  • 10 Wall balls to 10ft (14 / 20 )
  • 10 Box Jumps – 20 inches
  • 10 Dead Lift ( 145 / 205)
  • 10 burpees

Zone 3 – Wall Ball (10/14); Deadlift (115/175)

Zone 2 – Wall Ball (10/14); Deadlift (85/135)

Zone 1 –  AMRAP in 12 minutes, modify weights as needed!

Cash Out – Group stretch


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