Team WOD Saturday!

Hey Gang,

Just a little note to send positive and energetic thoughts to our Zoner crew competing at the CrossFit Weightlifting competition in White Rock today…  Deanna, Scoots, and possibly Linds (?) are competing against some of the best crossfitters in BC.  Go Zoners!!

Today’s Workout

Buy-in: Grab two buddies (mix of Zones please) and form a team.  Establish a team name, theme is “Fantasy Beasts”  (i.e. the Lethal Ligers).

WOD:  “Saturdazed”

This team WOD has 3 parts, add all together to get your total score.

1.  Deadlift 5 rep.

  • 10 minutes to build up to a heavy 5 reps for each person on your team.  Only one bar per team, so make sure you take turns and change the weights on and off quickly!

2.  Ball Burpee Relay

  • AMRAP in 6 minutes
  • Each burpee is worth 10lb on your total score
  • Ball starts on ground – do a burpee with hands on top of ball (i.e. chest to top of ball) then pick ball up and jump with it overhead to complete the burpee.
  • Groups may have 2 balls to allow for scaling, split work up as needed

3.  6 min Rowing (max calories)

  • Each person must do 2 min of work but that can be split up as needed
  • Set rower up for 6 min countdown.

Add your team deadlift score to your ball burpee score and your rowing calories for your overall total!

Cash-Out: Group stretch


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