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What I love about team work outs is that not always does the fittest team win…  team wods are all about team work and communication.  Our team this past weekend really showed that they work well together while completing the first workout.  Today we will be splitting up into teams of 4 and doing the Taranis Titan Challenge Event 1.  Here are the details of the event:



1. The team will perform these movements in the order written.

2. The team will complete all the repetitions of one exercise before moving on to the next.

3. Once the barbell is picked up for the first SDHP it may not be dropped or rested on the ground.

4. The bar will start loaded with the 95lbs. The weights on the barbell DOES NOT have to change when a female athlete is working.

5. The barbell used will be a 45lbs barbell that is 28.5mm in diameter.

6. At any point when a female athlete is working the barbell can be changed so that the load of the weights and the barbell equal 65lbs.

7. Whenever a male athlete is working the load of the weight and the barbell must equal 95lbs.

8. The team can use as many team members,as they deem necessary to change the oad or support the barbell.

9. Only one athlete may be touching the barbell when attempts are being made to count reps.

10. If the barbell rests on the ground before it is permissible to do so, the team will start that movement back at “0” reps.

11. If all team members do not step over the barbell to proceed to the pull up station, the entire team will be called back to step over the barbell



1. The team will start in a designated starting area.

2. On the call of “go” the team will start completing SDHPs.

3. Once the barbell is picked up the repetitions for the SDHP can only be “touch and go” reps.

4. The team will have access to 2 x 10lbs plates.

5. The barbell cannot be placed on the ground to change the weights.

6. Upon completion of the SDHP the team will carry the barbell to the next mat and commence shoulder to overhead.

7. The barbell may only touch the ground after all 180 reps of Shoulder Overhead are completed.

8. The same weight change rules apply to the Shoulder to Overhead as previously stated for the SDHP.

9. Upon completion of the Shoulder to Overhead the team will step over the barbell and proceed to the Pull Up station.

10. Upon completion of the pullups the entire team will return to the start/finish area

11. The time will stop when the entire team is in the start finish


Holiday Hours:

Just a reminder that we have limited classes over the long weekend.


  • Saturday, Nov. 9th – 10am only
  • Sunday, Nov. 10th – 9:30am (Advanced class)
  • Monday, Nov. 11th – 10am only


  • Saturday, Nov. 9th – 8am only
  • Monday, Nov. 11th – 9:30am only


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