The Best 3 Minutes Of Your Life!

Do you ever wish there was a fast and fun way to get sleek sexy legs, tight, toned thighs and firm, beautiful buns?! THERE IS!!! Introducing: 3 Minute Legs!

“What’s so amazing about this product is that it takes the strain and pain out of squats and lunges, but leaves in the results!  The secret is the patented design breakthrough, called “Guided Assistance Technology”, that supports you on the way down, and helps you on the way up so you get the fantastic benefits of squats and lunges without all the stress on your knees and back.  Anyone can do it, and it’s soooooooooo much fun!”

…………And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.  Honestly, all these ridiculous machines designed to make exercise easy (not to mention completely ineffective!) are mostly only doing one thing: taking all the fun out of fitness!  The pain, sweat, and grueling mental task of committing to my personal fitness is the part I like the best.  That’s what keeps me coming back for more torture.  The more it hurts, the more I feel as though I’ve earned the feeling of accomplishment I get when I see my results!

Now go ahead and have a peek at this ‘revolutionary’ fitness solution, and witness the 3 minute miracle for yourselves.  (Maybe we should get one of these in the gym?? 😉 )When you’re done having a good, hearty chuckle, get your buns into CrossFit to experience the totally awesome strain and pain of PROPER squats and lunges!

Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  Get warm before class!

WOD:  “Frogger”

Frogger first popped up in August of 2010 and was an instant hit.  Who wouldn’t love some strength work with front squats and then some rowing and burpee box jumps???  At least it isn’t rowing and thrusters (again) ;).  Check myfrantime for benchmarks to beat (

This wod has two parts:

1.  Front Squat 6 x 3, working up slowly to a heavy 3 reps

2.  8 minute amrap of:

  • 200m row
  • 10 up – and – over burpee box jumps (perform a burpee and on the “jump” portion, jump up on top of, then over, a 20?/24? box… landing on the far side completes your first rep. You don’t have to come to full extension on the box, just get up and over it!

3.  Add the highest weight you used on the front squats to the total metres traveled plus burpees completed in the AMRAP for your score.

Zone 2 – scale box height as needed

Zone 1 – scale wod as needed

Cash-Out:  Handstand holds with wall as support (back to wall) – try to accumulate 1, 3, or 5 minutes, breaking up the time as needed.  USE A SPOTTER!  If experienced, your choice of 10, 20, or 30 handstand pushups, experiment with parallettes and extra depth.


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