The Evolution Of The Zone Shirt


Behold, the evolution of the CrossFit Zone t-shirt:

The first ever CrossFit Zone shirts, circa 2008





The 2009 version of the tee: simple, yet tasteful.









2010 brought a whole new breed of shirt.  Several versions, in fact!







The new tee was quickly followed by a matching, zip-up hoodie, to replace the old design. (Dee sports the new version, Shannon sports the old.)







Behold, the new logo! In 2010, we revamped the Zone style, and introduced our new, distinctive, men’s and women’s t-shirts with the phrase. “Don’t use a machine… Become one.”












This new design in black was quickly followed by some colour choices; red, and gray.







And then Reebok got involved, and sent us these amazing blue Zone tees!   Do you want to be the first to sport the same awesome CrossFit Zone Reebok t-shirts in Black? In our most recent order, we received Men’s medium, large, x-Large and 2x-Large Reebok  shirts, and we want them off our shelves!  Be one of the first Zoners in  your class to pick one up for $30.00 (+HST) the next time you’re in the gym!




Today’s Workout

Buy-In: Toes to bar technique – complete 3 sets of 10-15 reps

WOD: AMRAP in 20 min

  • 5 HSPU’s
  • 10 situps
  • 15 lunges

Zone 4 – scale HSPU to 1 ab mat
Zone 3 – scale HSPU as needed but get inverted
Zone 2 – scale HSPU to a challenging shoulder press
Zone 1 – scale AMRAP to 10 -15 minutes

Cash-Out: MWOD
* 5 way shoulder stretch
* Pigeon pose



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