Thursday “Recovery”!

Great push in the wod on Wednesday gang…. There’s something about knowing that it’s a competitive workout that gets the intensity ramped up quickly!

Today’s workout is meant to be an easy-moderate “movement” day.  If you didn’t do the workout on Wednesday, feel free to turn it up a notch and go harder.  If you DID do the workout, then go lighter than you think you need to and get some good quality movement in without getting too stressed out.

For those of you who are registered for the Crossfit Games Open and haven’t yet done the workout, we’ll be hosting another opportunity to do it on Friday at 630pm.  Keep in mind that these designated times are in place for athletes who are officially registered on the Games site. 

If you are not registered on the Games site, please complete the WOD during regular scheduled class times.  Space and time are limited in these workouts and we need to make sure that judges, competing athletes, and athletes warming up have enough room.  Spectators are always welcome though and add significantly to the environment!



Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  Dynamic Movement – Coach Led

WOD:  “Perpetual Motion”

Perform 3 rounds of the following exercises • 10 Wallball (14/20)• 10 knees to elbows • 10 pushups • 10 squats • 10 kb swings (35/55) • 10 double unders • 10 overhead squats (bar only) • 10 ring rows (feet on level with hands) • 10 db push press (25/40) • 10 pull-ups • 10 thrusters (bar only) • 10 walking lunges

Zone 2 – scale all movements as needed

Zone 1 – scale as needed

Cash-Out:  FTL Stretches


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